28TH AUGUST 2020
[in his 91st year]

WABC Chairperson; WABC Treasurer; Co ordinator WA Judges Panel & Colour & Standards; Senior Judge & President of the South West Budgerigar Club (Mandurah) Inc. Cec worked tirelessly for the hobby in WA and put the WABC and WA onto the National map. Cec was instrumental in the reformation of the WABC in 2005.
On a personal note Cec and Brenda were inducted into the ANBC Hall of Fame [Breeders] in 2015.
The South West Budgie Club, under Cec's astute leadership, became one of the top Clubs in WA with Cec setting the groundwork for the future of the Club.
Cec's contribution to the hobby and in particular his `people' skills will be sadly missed.
McLAUGHLAN: John 26TH NOVEMBER 2017 WABC Chairperson & President of the South West Budgerigar Club (Mandurah) Inc. John's sudden death saw an outpouring of grief from the entire Budgerigar fraternity in WA. Johns contribution to the hobby in WA and his input at ANBC level will be sorely missed. John never wanted any acknowledgement for his contribution to the hobby - John was one of those members who went above and beyond the call of duty working tirelessly behind the scene. WA has lost an outstanding member and a very professional, quiet achiever.


LOYNES: Shirley

11TH AUGUST 2017

30TH AUGUST 2010

SCHOEMAN: Willie 22ND JUNE 2017  
LLOYD: Jeff 30TH MARCH 2017

In the 90's Jeff was heavily involved in the hobby holding many positions at Southern River and Southside Clubs. Jeff also held positions with the WABC and WA Judges Panel. Jeff was WA'S first National Judge. In later years Jeff had much success at National level and remained part of the hobby until his untimely death. As a result of a tragic road accident Jeff passed away at just 53 years of age.


Secretary/Treasurer Metropolitan Budgerigar Club and Delegate to the WABC. Hans imput into the hobby went above and beyond the call of duty. Hans dedication and friendship has been sadly missed.

HUGO: Rob 13TH JULY 2016

President of the Metropolitan Budgerigar Club of WA (Inc); President of the Budgerigar Improvement Society; Secretary & Treasurer of Budgerigar Improvement Society; Vice President of RBCWA;
WA Colour & Standards Representative; WA Senior Judge; WA Judges Co-ordinator; WA Chief Team Carer.

Western Australian Budgerigar Council (Inc) Delegate; Vice Chairperson Western Australian Budgerigar Council (Inc); WA BRASEA Representative; President of the WABC in the early nineties.

ANBC National Colour & Standards Co-ordinator; The Australian Crested Budgerigar Club Secretary/Treasurer.
In 2012 Rob was admitted into the ANBC HALL OF FAME [Service Division] for his contribution to the ANBC.

BITMEAD: Neil 27TH APRIL 2015  
GREEN: John 14TH FEBRUARY 2015  
LARSEN: Len 6TH OCTOBER 2011 Len was a member of the South West Budgerigar Club [Mandurah] and a Delegate to the WABC when it reformed. Len was an outstanding contributor to the SW Club and the hobby in general - his enthusiasm and dedication has been sadly missed. Len left us way too early.
DOIG: Trevor 12TH JULY 2009 Trevor was the Co-founder of the South West Budgerigar Club [Mandurah] and worked tirelessly for the Club - Trevor was the inaugural President of the Club and in latter years held the position of Vice President and Show Manager and was an active exhibitor for many years.
In his younger days Trevor exhibited at the Budgerigar Improvement Society in Perth before moving to Mandurah.



19TH MARCH 2004


In earlier years Denny and Hilda were in the top echelon of exhibitors in this state; and also in England; prior to their arrival in Australia.  For anyone lucky enough to have had the opportunity to visit Denny and Hilda it was a journey down memory lane with visitors unable to leave without first viewing all the certificates and trophies won by them over the years.

Denny and Hilda will be sadly missed within the Budgerigar fraternity in Western Australia. 

KING: Ken 15TH APRIL 1998 Valued Member of Southside Budgerigar Society (Inc)
and South West Budgerigar Club (Mandurah) Inc.
DAVIES: Evan 19TH APRIL 1998 Founding member of Melville District & Rockingham District Bird Societies. Evan was well known and a friend to many WABC members.
EVANS: Bob DECEMBER 1997 Valued Member of Southside Budgerigar Society (Inc)
and South West Budgerigar Club (Mandurah) Inc.

The Executive Committee, Judges and members express our regret at the death of Manny Chemlal.  Manny moved here to Perth approximately 8 to 10 years ago.  He was a true Aviculturalist with first his breeding and exhibiting of Canaries and then as a breeder and exhibitor of Budgerigars.  Even with his health deteriorating rapidly Manny, still managed to participate with Carolyn, in his hobby.

Manny will be missed at all branches of the Council where he regularly attended.

RYMELL: Keith 29 JULY 1996 A founding member of Southside, Keith was a tireless worker who put everything he had into what ever he did.  He was a very determined man and when he made up his mind it was just about impossible to get him to change it. As well as holding various positions, some at the same time within his own club Keith also held the position of Council Treasurer for a number of years.

Len was known to many in the fancy and will be sadly missed by all. Len was a past President of Southside Budgerigar Society as well as being an active and long serving committee member.

Len was also President of South West Budgerigar Club (Mandurah) Inc [1992 1995]; Secretary of Perth Budgerigar Club and a tireless worker for the hobby in WA.

CLARK: Jim 19TH JUNE 1994

Jim Clark was one of our most valued and knowledgeable members.  For those who didn't know Jim I can only say that it was your loss, for Jim was the sort of person who would always help, whether it was a new member or one of the more experienced, he was always there.

Jim was a very active member of the hobby. The formation of the State Council which he always believed was the right way for the hobby to go in order to advance, to the forming of his own club and council branch Budgerigar Improvement Society.

Jim was there as State Show Manager when we hosted the Nationals here in 1981 and 1987. He was very active in the hobby for a great number of years, as member, committee person and on the state committee.   Being such an active member he will be missed as a hobbyist and a dear friend of so many.

SMITH: Phil 11TH MAY 1994

Phil Smith passed away on Wednesday 11th May 1994.

Phil was a valued West Coast member as well as being the State Ring Steward over the past two years.  Although a fairly new member Phil showed a definite skill in his breeding programme and had a good eye for a good bird and he always found the time to assist with club jobs where he was able.

Phil will be dearly missed by his wife and two sons as well as the club committee persons and the many members that I'm sure he helped along the way.


Doug Wight-Pickin passed away on Thursday 20th of August from a Coronary Attack. He was 47 years old.

Doug was a major contributor to the fancy over the years and was a founding member for a number of various clubs and branches. At the time of his death he was the President of the Budgerigar Society of W.A., having only just been re-elected to that august position on Tuesday last. He will be missed for his personality, his great depth of knowledge and his charisma; that special quality he had that made club meetings and meetings of budgerigar fanciers in general all that more interesting for his participation. Doug was a man of single minded purpose and firm conviction, he held fast to his beliefs and tried to convert others to his ideals.

Without question Doug has left his mark on the world and on the budgerigar fraternity in particular. His shoes will not easily be filled. The fancy is poorer for his passing.